The 2023 Triga Academy Weekend will host a Pitch Competition, where participants can pitch their venture (either as an existing entity, or a concept) to stand a chance to win a share of R20 000 in cash and one of 2 NextGen Founders Programmes valued at R6 000 each. 

The competition aims to equip you to start that venture you have been dreaming of or help you develop a key asset for growth.
There will be two categories: Existing Ventures and Business Concepts. (Both for-profit or non-profit ventures can apply to either category.)

How it will work: 

  • On Saturday evening, 29 July, competitors will have the opportunity to pitch their venture, or venture concept, in no more than 4 minutes.
  • Ventures with an annual revenue under R1 Million are eligible to compete.
  • The pitch must be visually attractive and have the necessary information as laid out in the Pitch Guide (click HERE for existing ventures and HERE for the new concept pitch guides). 
  • Competing participants must submit their pitches before 17 July to Floyed Mabasa (
  • Only Triga Academy Weekend participants can compete. 
  • Judges will have the final vote, and the winner will be announced the same evening.


Each category winner will receive a R10 000 cash prize and an entry to the NextGen Founders Programme valued at R6 000.


  • The NextGen Founders Programme cannot be exchanged for cash in any way. 
  • 50% of the cash prize will be released after 3 months of active participation in the NextGen Founders Programme (December 2023).
  • The final instalment will be paid out at the end of the NextGen Founders Programme (March 2024).