We are so inspired by our fellows – they are go-getters, world-changers and big-picture-thinkers who are passionate about their ventures having a cultural, societal and economic impact in Africa.


Stellenbosch, South Africa

Established in 2023, aTutor is a South African-based online educational platform specialising in secondary education. Their mission is to provide affordable tutoring without compromising quality, attained by expanding their reach to serve more individuals. They employ full-time educators dedicated to imparting knowledge and nurturing students’ study skills and confidence. aTutor offers additional assistance to schools with a shortage of in-house educators, through online teaching, ensuring uninterrupted student learning. They aim to empower students academically while promoting accessible and sustainable education.

Tyron Kretzmann

co-founder & CEO

Tyron Kretzmann is the co-founder and CEO of aTutor. He is a visionary who believes in realising dreams through action. He is driven by a quest for knowledge and wisdom, recognising the force of ambition. Committed to his community and loved ones, Tyron strives for incremental improvement. With faith and support, he trusts in the divine path to success.

Beverage Seal

Wellington, South Africa

Beverage Seal specialises in efficient packaging solutions for beverage delivery within the fast food sector. They are a kingdom-centric venture focusing on revolutionary innovations that ensure beverages are delivered in the same order you would find when buying directly from the outlet. Their two leading solutions are the Cool Hot Box and the Beverage Seal. The Cool Hot Box ensures that beverages arrive at their destinations at the optimum temperature (ice cold or steaming hot), while the Beverage Seal prevents beverages from spilling. Their products enhance the livelihoods of countless delivery drivers, reduce restaurant costs, eliminates plastic lids and elevate customer satisfaction.

Eugene Jensen

co-founder & marketing director

Eugene Jensen is the co-founder, marketing director and inventor of The Beverage Seal. His versatility is not just limited to his professional career as a musician, onstage performer, and actor; he is also a passionate baker and brewer. He navigates the joys of life with his wife, Odette, and their growing brood, with good humour and his faith guiding his way. Amidst it all, Eugene is a “connector extraordinaire”, effortlessly bringing people together over a cup of coffee.

Johann Peek

co-founder & CEO

Johann Peek is the co-founder and CEO of Beverage Seal. With a chemical engineering degree and an MBA, Johann has dominated the corporate scene for 23 years, turning chaos into order effortlessly. His true superpower lies in distilling clear strategic direction and fostering camaraderie. He is on a mission to change the world, one strategic plan at a time. But when Johann is not crunching numbers, he is enjoying his four teenagers with his wife, Jankie, in a teenage jungle.


Limpopo, South Africa

Chillersonwheels Mobile Toilet Hire was founded in 2014 by childhood friends Mabala (Sakkie) Kwakwa and Diketso Silas Mashile. They offer diverse solutions through a selection of portable toilets for mines, informal settlements, construction sites, corporate events, and private events. Their services include short- and long-term rental options, and they are currently operational in Limpopo and Gauteng.

Mabala (Sakkie) Kwakwa

co-founder & CEO

Mabala (Sakkie) Kwakwa is the co-founder and CEO of Chillersonwheels, a mobile toilet hire company. He is an accomplished leader with diverse interests in business development, business management, and digital marketing. His entrepreneurial spirit shines through in accomplishments like building his warehouse and creating job opportunities for ±70 employees. Sakkie is also a passionate cricket player and the President of Impala Cricket Union (the youngest president in the history of Limpopo Cricket). He is driven for success with a blend of sportsmanship and business acumen. He continues to inspire and lead both on the field and off.

Diketso Mashile

co-founder & operations manager

Diketso Mashile is the Operation Manager and Co-Founder of Chillersonwheels, a mobile toilet hire company. He is also a qualified electrician with a wiremen’s license. Diketso is an avid runner (Comrades 2022), the husband of Lebogang and the father of two beautiful girls, Mogau and Retang.


Pretoria, South Africa

Keyloh is an online bulk meat supplier aiming to revolutionise the local South African meat industry. They are committed to making affordable food widely accessible and have gained acclaim for their global sourcing of bulk meat and distribution to businesses across South Africa. Keyloh has optimised the supply chain, providing consumers and small businesses direct access to producers through its upcoming user-friendly marketplace. While initially concentrating on meat products, Keyloh plans to diversify its offerings to include fresh produce, championing affordable and accessible nutrition for all.

Ivan Burger

founder & MD

Ivan Burger is the founder and MD of Keyloh, navigating the world of wholesale trading in the meat industry while developing a food marketplace platform to streamline the supply chain. He is a Chemical Engineer by trade with family ties in the meat industry who motivate him to refine sales and supply processes. With a heart for those in need, Ivan aspires to enhance food access, seeking impactful solutions guided by God’s vision.

KVR Holdings

Johannesburg, South Africa

KVR Holdings is a dynamic and diverse group of companies specialising in training, consulting, and human capital solutions. With a comprehensive portfolio, KVR presents a comprehensive HR and training solution.
– KVR Training offers tailored vocational training programs.
– KVR Consulting offers strategic skills development and compliance consulting services
– HR Simplified offers bi-spoke,efficient HR solutions.
– SkillUp offers innovative VR Based skill development simulations.
Our commitment to excellence,innovation and  versatility makes us a trusted partner in achieving business objectives and enabling future readiness. 

Reinhardt Roets

co-founder & director

Reinhardt Roets is the co-founder of KVR Holdings, a venture dedicated to reshaping industries through training, consulting, and human capital solutions. Over the years, Reinhardt has gained valuable experience from various companies and embarked on several entrepreneurial ventures. This includes founding KVR Training in 2011, which is currently part of KVR Holdings, a group of companies that provides services in the training and skills development space. Reinhardt’s belief in the power of knowledge and skills transfer as transformative tools for individuals and societies has been a driving force behind KVR’s success. His mission is to extend training and consulting opportunities to all, promoting inclusivity and innovation for lasting impact.

Merand Recruitment

Somerset West, South Africa

Merand Recruitment offers quality recruitment services characterised by meticulous planning, clear communication, and a dedication to sourcing talent that resonates with their clients’ business goals and culture. Their recruitment process is designed to ensure clients have the right individuals with the requisite skills and capabilities to realise their future growth strategies. This is achieved through comprehensive job analyses to understand the skills, qualifications, and character traits needed for each position. Ultimately, Merand Recruitment finds purpose in connecting quality talent with great employers to unlock future synergies.

Lauren Cronje


Lauren Cronje is the CEO of Merand Recruitment. Her journey has been diverse: she holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, has worked for several corporate enterprises over six years (including Deloitte), supported her husband, Stefan, in his career, curated a book, started new ventures and helped to plant a church in Sandton, all while following her calling to disciple young women in their God-given identities. Amidst raising three energetic boys, Lauren assumed leadership of Merand Recruitment in 2024, founded by her single mother when she was only six. Lauren is passionate about aligning individuals with purpose to realise their calling. She is constantly looking for an opportunity to encourage others.


Cape Town, South Africa

Mygrow is on a mission to build a more emotionally intelligent world. Working predominantly with businesses, through a development technology Mygrow helps leaders grow their emotional intelligence (EQ). With higher EQ, leaders can manage themselves, and their interactions with others, more effectively. This improves leadership skills, colleague relationships, company culture, and all the downstream benefits that these changes unlock, such as staff retention, employee wellness, productivity,  and engagement. With Mygrow’s reporting tools, it is now possible to show the ROI of people development over time.

Mark Baker

co-founder & CEO

Mark Baker is the co-founder, CEO and lead psychologist of Mygrow. He is a psychologist specialising in emotional intelligence (EQ) through technology-driven development to create a more emotionally intelligent world. With 15 years of consulting experience, Mark teamed up with a filmmaker friend to build a tech solution for scaling EQ in organisations, which is currently utilised in 125 countries. Mark aims to establish an inclusive company based on kingdom principles while cherishing weekends with his wife and two boys, often found on the beach or exploring nature trails.

Theran Knighton-Fitt

co-founder & Chief Humanising (Creative) Officer

Theran Knighton-Fitt is the co-founder and Chief Humanising (Creative) Officer at Mygrow, where his multifaceted career journey has culminated. With a background spanning creative, academic, and leadership roles, he has spearheaded the development of Mygrow, The Emotional Intelligence Platform. Theran aspires to re-imagine capitalism through emotional intelligence.


Stellenbosch, South Africa

Regrail is platform where individuals can buy, sell, and consign premium second-hand clothes. They are dedicated to centralising and formalising the second-hand fashion industry in South Africa and Africa by establishing a platform where buyers can discover premium, curated second-hand garments, and sellers can utilise Regrail for consignment or cash-on-delivery sales. One of its primary objectives is building a community of fashion enthusiasts through events by positioning itself as the go-to brand for curated second-hand fashion in Africa.

Wihan Joubert

Founder & director

Wihan Joubert, founder and MD of Regrail, is a driven serial entrepreneur passionate about business in the African context. With a multinational upbringing, Wihan has a broadened worldview and a perspective that is an asset in business. He has founded two businesses in the second-hand clothing market. Additionally, Wihan holds a degree in Investment Management, reflecting his passion for finance and investments.


Stellenbosch, South Africa

TerraClim provides data-driven solutions for a climate-resilient future. With its foundation built on over a decade of research and development, it offers unique integrated data resources to address the limited accessibility to climate and terrain information in agriculture and related sectors, particularly amidst increased seasonal variability. TerraClim empowers informed decision-making, optimising crop selection and land management for a sustainable agricultural future by leveraging a centralised climate database and advanced research capabilities. TerraClim strives to make a global impact by offering field and farm-level insights.

Tara Southey

founder & ceo

Tara Southey is the founder and CEO of TerraClim. Originally from the rugged landscapes of the Karoo, she pioneered climate change management tools for farms. With a passion for nature, wine typicity, and research, she spearheads efforts to enhance agricultural adaptability and sustainability amidst climate challenges, with a focus on regional relevance. As a postdoctoral researcher at Stellenbosch University and leader of the South African wine industry flagship project, Tara collaborates with stakeholders and data providers, leading a proficient team of programmers to develop and implement TerraClim tools tailored to industry needs.

Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training (TLT) is pivotal in supporting young people in an era of increasing challenges and uncertainties. By offering both a supportive environment and access to resources tailored to daily challenges, TLT focuses on nurturing self-understanding and fostering servant-hearted leadership among youth. At the core of its mission lies a commitment to leadership development, spanning from self-leadership to a broader servant-hearted approach. TLT remains encouraged by the progress observed within the communities and schools it serves. Training tomorrow’s leaders is a responsibility they take seriously, requiring a dynamic approach. Its response encompasses multifaceted programs, including CAPS Life Orientation, Leadership Development, and Hot Topic Workshops.

Burt Ronald

founder & MD

Burt Ronald, Founder and Managing Director of Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training (TLT), leads South Africa’s innovative Life Orientation Curriculum and Youth Leadership Development program. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit cultivated from his upbringing in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Burt took a non-traditional path to education, opting for homeschooling and practical learning over university. Over the past 7 years, he has focused on TLT, addressing the growing pressure on young people by emphasising personal and social entrepreneurship skills. Drawing from his 5 years in the UK in recruitment and corporate training, Burt is a respected voice on youth development and social entrepreneurship.

Tshelela Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tshelela Africa is an investment holding company specialising in acquiring, developing, and expanding businesses across diverse sectors. Their vision is to evolve into a global investment entity that responsibly manages resources, generates value, and utilises business as a societal and sectoral transformation catalyst through a strategic approach that prioritises nation-building, sector-specific investments and companies with substantial growth prospects, continuous innovation, and surpassing stakeholder expectations. Moreover, Tshelela Africa is committed to ensuring sustainability and upholding principles of good corporate citizenship in all its endeavours.

Sharon Kamau-Ledwaba

co-founder & director

Sharon Kamau-Ledwaba is the co-founder and COO of Tshelela Africa, along with her husband, Thami Ledwaba. She is a multi-hyphenate professional with experience building sustainable businesses and consulting on violence against women, enterprise and supplier development issues. She specialises in creating ecosystems that provide entrepreneurs within the formal and informal economy access to local and global value chains. She holds a Master’s in Philosophy in Social Justice and is passionate about seeing how business can be used for restoration and empowerment. She is also the founder of The Rested Place, a Christian ministry dedicated to empowering women to live from a place of rest in Jesus in every aspect of their lives.

Veld Architects

Johannesburg, South Africa

Veld Architects, established in 2004 by principal Gillian Holl, has emerged as a pioneering force in the architecture industry. Specialising in the design of exclusive contemporary residences and selective projects, Veld Architects has garnered a reputation as a leader in the field. Their unique approach, rooted in core values of authenticity, integrity, and holism, sets them apart. Central to Veld Architects’ philosophy is “Hearth,” a concept where spaces are imbued with warmth, comfort, and a sense of belonging, fostering connection and shared experiences.

Gillian Holl

founder & director

Gillian Holl is the founder, professional architect, and director of Veld Architects. She is a thought leader in the industry, with her work published and awarded locally and globally. Gillian launched her architectural career in London, contributing to social housing projects. After returning to South Africa, she qualified as a professional architect and founded Veld Architects in 2004, specialising in residential and hospitality projects. She is passionate about mentorship and sustainable design; she champions young architects and advocates for nature conservation in the built environment, blending artistry and craftsmanship that is proudly South African.

Devan Ludick

professional architect

Devan Ludick is a professional architect with a Masters’s degree in Architecture, a postgraduate diploma in project management, and expertise in graphic design, project management, and drone photography. Devan is passionate about architecture and has four years of industry experience, primarily in residential architecture. He excels in smaller firm environments, where his responsibilities throughout project life cycles have honed his expertise. He is enthusiastic and dedicated, but above all, he is a follower of Jesus Christ, saved by grace.