NCB PROPERTY GROUP | Kimberly, south africa

Bengani Nyoni is an innovative, community-minded entrepreneur from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He is the CEO of NCB Property Group, a real estate investment and property management company focusing on student accommodation. Bengani is passionate about being an agent of change within his community by developing a business model focused on servant leadership and the personal development of his employees, tenants, and clients. Bengani has a diverse educational background, including qualifications from the Kimberley International Diamond & Jewellery Academy, the Petra Institute, the Gemological Institute of America, and the Mining Qualifications Authority.


GENESIS TRAVEL SOLUTIONS | Cape Town, south africa

Brent James is an entrepreneur who values Family, Faith, and Community. He is married and has three children aged 17, 14 and 7. He is the founder and director of Genesis Travel Solutions, birthed post covid to be part of a new chapter in the tourism world. Having spent more than 20 years in the IT and Electrical industry, he has used these business experiences to help service clients in the hospitality world. He enjoys collaborating and building relationships with various role players in communities to offer authentic experiences to all visitors. Brent firmly believes that no one moves forward alone, and we must take each other on the journey.



Carla Wasserfall is the Director at Champions Uncovered Pty Ltd, a business that “Ignites greatness within” through Leadership Development, Strategic Well-being, and Professional Leadership Coaching. She is a continuous learner with an Honours degree in Business Management and Applied Neuroscience certification. She walks the talk in moving & well-being by completing endurance sports and brings this business athlete mindset to empower others to move with meaning & purpose.



Christiaan Heymann is a dedicated individual with a profound passion for people and the financial industry. Blessed with a remarkable gift for connecting with others and instilling hope, Christiaan firmly believes that his business is divinely owned, serving as an instrument for positive impact. His unwavering mission is to empower individuals to achieve financial stability and prosperity by applying biblical principles. Christiaan Heymann’s life and work are a testament to the profound connection between faith, finance, and the well-being of those he serves.



Christopher is an energetic leader with a wealth of experience in the renewable energy sector. He holds a BCom Degree and an Engineering Diploma and has sat in executive positions in the business development industries and high tech. He is relationally strong, with robust integrity, and the ability to drive change and produce results in business by motivating, directing, and steering change in areas that have a macro-level impact.

Dawid Moller

Zebulun | Port Shepstone, south africa

Dawid is a co-founder of Zebulun AI, a pioneering communication and automation company at the forefront of AI-driven solutions, revolutionizing how businesses connect with their audience. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they craft efficient systems and innovative software that enable rapid, cost-effective customer engagement through platforms like WhatsApp and more. Their AI-powered expert copywriting and lead generation services create persuasive content that drives conversions across various channels, from landing pages to social media ads. They empower businesses to streamline communication systems and achieve unprecedented success by focusing on tailored AI-driven solutions.

Delphino Machikicho

Iingcali Accountants | CAPE TOWN, south africa

Delphino is a passionate Youth Development Strategist. He has worked with over 100,000 youth across Africa. He holds a Master of Commerce in Social Enterprise Management from the University of the Western Cape. He is the Co-Founder and Board Member of the award-winning Waumbe Youth Development of Fisantekraal. He is the new Executive Director of Just Grace NPC Langa, Western Cape. An NPO that recently launched Iingcali Accountants to support township businesses.

Duduzile Mabaso

E-Assistant RSA | vanderbijlpark, south africa

Duduzile was born with a heart for service, hence, her passion and pursuit of sustainable development. She holds a Master of Arts in Political Studies. In 2021, she founded E-Assistant RSA, an agency that assists individuals, scholars, authors, researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations with research & administrative tasks by appointing a virtual assistant. The vision is to assist and enable clients to align their tasks with their goals and purpose, to help do the things that matter, enviably creating time & freedom for them by taking care of their research & administrative needs.

Gomolemo Madikgetla

UNGWA Africa | gaborone, botswana

Botswana-based Gomolemo Lolo Madikgetla is operating at the nexus of leadership, gender equity, mental health, creativity, innovation and sustainability, storytelling, and spiritual nourishment. She founded UNGWA Africa, an online social enterprise that co-creates meaningful impact, focusing on women and youth. Her diverse background includes Advisory in sectors including innovation, trade, tertiary education, and gender. She is a soccer mom to her only son.

Henry Makumbi

Rabboni Group Ltd | kampala, uganda

Henry is a minister, entrepreneur, and transformationist. He co-founded Rabboni Group Ltd, a regional Agricultural processing and distribution business based in Uganda. The mission is to reduce risk, increase productivity, and create wealth by democratizing access to critical services of commodity value addition, distribution, and equitable markets for grains, cereals, and Vanilla countrywide and beyond the East African Region. Born and bred in Uganda, he is married with three children. He is an Acumen fellow and a TOTAL Startupper of the year. He loves Music, specifically the bass guitar and drums. His professional background is in land surveying/engineering surveys. He holds a master’s degree in Land Administration from the University of Twente in Holland.

Itumeleng Cossa

Keep Them Bright Academy | Pretoria, South Africa

Itumeleng Cossa, a visionary and catalyst for transformation, wields a bachelor’s degree in education with majors in Mathematics and Sciences. Through Keep Them Bright Academy, his acclaimed tutoring business, he’s illuminated the path to academic success for countless learners. Recognized as “Tutor of the Year,” Itumeleng’s tailored teaching methods have ignited scholarly brilliance. His local impact in Mamelodi, Pretoria, and his home township in Jouberton transcends borders as he champions accessible education, leaving an indelible mark. Itumeleng’s journey showcases unwavering dedication to education and the radiant legacy of Keep Them Bright Academy.

Ivan Burger

Keyloh | Pretoria, South Africa

Ivan is a Process Engineer and Keyloh (Pty) Ltd co-founder. At first, Ivan worked for Glencore in the mining industry and, after that, an engineering simulation company named Simgenics. However, his desire to follow in his parents’ footsteps and make his mark in the food industry led him to co-found Keyloh. The company’s vision revolves around shortening the supply chain to offer South Africans access to food at wholesale prices through innovative distribution and an online marketplace. Recently married, Ivan aspires to be a Godly husband, father, and businessman who has a meaningful impact while carrying forward the family legacy in the food industry.

Jaylene Ramalatso

House of Intelligence Marketing | Johannesburg, South Africa

Jaylene Ramalatso, a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert from Randfontein, is the founder and managing director of House of Intelligence Marketing (HOI). She holds a B.Com degree from the University of Johannesburg. Jaylene launched HOI Marketing in 2021, driven by a passion for helping businesses maximise their potential through digital strategies. Her unwavering commitment to faith guides her leadership, ensuring every decision aligns with her principles. Recognised for her impactful work, Jaylene has garnered accolades, such as being named one of the top 50 rising motherland moguls by SLA and Trans-union rising star semi-finalist. Her mission is to create sustainable digital growth while fostering a supportive entrepreneurial community.

Kgaupi David Tema

Mijiffy | Johannesburg, South Africa

Kgaupi is a young, passionate entrepreneur. He is a Co-founder of Mijiffy, a medicine delivery service for the Alexandra community. Kgaupi is enthusiastic about solving social, economic and environmental challenges through technology.

Kobus Lourens

FarmMeat | Wellington, South Africa

Kobus founded FarmMeat, an online butchery distributing quality meat packaged to create an experience. He is also the co-owner of STG (Sea Trading Global), a company that exports meat and will soon deploy biltong products for a niche global market. Kobus is a passionate encourager of people, a father, and a husband. He believes in simplicity and strives to execute with excellence. Kobus in 1 word: “Lewendig,” meaning “alive/lively.” He is a “Slasher,” meaning he runs these side hustles in addition to his full-time corporate investment job.

Lebone Applegreen

Lumos Cafe | Johannesburg, South Africa

Lebone is a young enthusiast who is passionate about entrepreneurship and having an impact in her community. As the founder of Lumos Coffee Creations, she aims to bring a new culture to her township and use it as a catalyst for a healthier community lifestyle. She would love to learn more about how to go about entrepreneurship and aligning her work with God’s ways. Lebone aims to make a positive difference in her community and build a strong foundation for the younger generation.

Lilly Njila

Innate Personal Assistant & Concierge | DURBAN, South Africa

Lilly is a millennial business strategist and dynamic leader passionate about women’s empowerment, leadership, business excellence, and making a difference in the world. She has extensive experience in business coaching, facilitation, SMME training & development, event planning, and project management.

Lonwabo Njenga

STA Next Gen | Johannesburg, South Africa

Lonwabo is a creative spirit who enjoys finding ways of bringing people together. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Tourism Management at the University of Pretoria. Lonwabo is the co-founder of STA Next Gen, which was founded to better the lives of young people, Next Genners, by changing their thinking processes. After learning about systems thinking, she felt it would be a great way to give the youth the confidence to improve their lives.

Marie Snyman

Drip Additive Manufacturing | Cape Town, South Africa

Marié, an architect by training, has always gravitated towards her profession’s technology and material aspects. During postgraduate studies, her deep dive into the fascinating realm of 3D printing construction opened her eyes to its vast potential in local manufacturing and construction industries. This newfound passion led her to temporarily set aside traditional architecture, as she partnered with a kindred engineer and friend to establish Drip, where their combined expertise is reshaping the landscape of medium-scale 3D printing in South Africa.

Mpho Sithole

Iingcali Accountants | Cape Town, South Africa

Mpho has a deep passion for developmental work and is a graduate in development studies, providing a solid understanding of the complexities and challenges of sustainable development. With a keen eye for social and economic disparities, Mpho is committed to positively impacting communities around the world while promoting sustainability and access to opportunities. Mpho combines her work in the NGO sector with her passion for social entrepreneurship to positively impact society.

Mthokozisi Shange

Imbizo Brand | Durban, South Africa

Mthoko Shange’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. Emerging from a challenging background, he carries a unique perspective on ordinary people’s struggles. This perspective fuels his unwavering belief in the importance of leadership training and investment in small businesses for the future of South Africa. Mthoko’s life story is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that remarkable transformations can be achieved with vision, dedication, and a commitment to uplifting others. In summary, Mthoko Shange is a dynamic leader and people development consultant born in Durban, South Africa. Through his initiatives, including the Imbizo Brand, the Imbizo Foundation, and the Imbizo Educational App, he is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities. With nearly two decades of experience in leadership development, Mthoko’s international reach and community-driven approach make him a prominent figure in pursuing positive change and transformation. His journey from humble beginnings exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the future of South Africa and its people.

Nothando Makeke

Thandohphotography | Johannesburg, South Africa

Nothando Makeke is a Johannesburg-based creative with four years of experience in photography. She is a self-taught photographer who hopes to create employment opportunities for the youth in the Tswelopele community in Tembisa. She is passionate about helping people preserve memories that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Robin Sibusiso Bhebhe

OCGems | Kimberly, South Africa

Robin Sibusiso Bhebhe, is a first generation diamantaire, born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He Co-Founded OCGems, a diamond cutting & polishing company in the world-renowned diamond city, Kimberley. He intended to spend a short time in Kimberley, with dreams of moving to the USA to pursue the American Dream. However, during his time at the Kimberley International Diamond & Jewellery Academy, while studying diamond cutting & polishing, a hidden passion & talent within him was ignited. Having exhibited at International trade shows, such as JCK Las Vegas, and recently featured in the prominent magazine Vanity Fair On Jewellery, Robin & his partner continue to drive OCGems toward its vision of becoming one of the world’s most trusted & desired loose-polished diamond brands. Outside of diamonds, Robin also has a love & passion for sport(rugby & football), travel, adventure, and, most importantly, community service. He recently Co-Founded The Rooted Gem Foundation, an organization whose vision is to “Build foundations in people’s lives, embracing who they are, regardless of their status & circumstances, seeking to bring out the unique value they bring to this world.”

Samkela Mhlakaze

Kasilam Wear | Stellenbosch, South Africa

Samkela Mhlakaza is a husband and father to two beautiful kids and an entrepreneur. He was born in Stellenbosch and grew up in the community of Kayamandi; he is a Co-founder of Kasilam Wear. He enjoys spending most of the weekends with his kids. He is passionate about township businesses.

Samuel Monyake

Monyake Group | Johannesburg, South Africa

Samuel Monyake hails from Vaal in the South of Gauteng and holds a BCom Chartered Accountancy degree from North West University. Married with two daughters, he currently resides in the South of Johannesburg. Samuel has extensive experience in receivables insurance, having worked for an international company where he excelled in payments, credit committee decisions, and leadership and management. Presently, he is immersed in the corporate investment banking sector, working for one of the top five banks in South Africa. Alongside his professional endeavors, Samuel is deeply passionate about his faith in Christ and actively ministers the word of God. Additionally, he has been an entrepreneur for eight years as he hosts local and international gospel artists, showcasing his dedication to promoting gospel music.

Teboho Nthoana

Nono Capital | Witbank, South Africa

Teboho Nthoana is a seasoned business turnaround professional, Business Rescue Practitioner, and infrastructure investment C-Suite Business Executive with operations in Africa, UK & USA with extensive experience in turnaround management, infrastructure investments, and mergers & acquisitions. He holds memberships in various prestigious associations, including the South African Restructuring and Insolvency Practitioners Association, Turnaround Management SA, the Institute of Risk Management South Africa, and the Institute of Directors In SA. Teboho serves on several boards both in public and private entities. Teboho is pursuing his PhD and holds an MBA in Business Rescue Practice, Strategy, and Organizational Risk Management. As the CEO of Nono Capital, Teboho is responsible for Managing investment portfolios, asset management, and asset disposals. Teboho is known for his expertise in real estate, infrastructure, and transaction structuring.

Thabiso Mohatlane

Taevo | Johannesburg, South Africa

Thabiso, a self-taught software developer, took the entrepreneurial leap to establish Taevo (Pty) Ltd—a guiding light for businesses navigating the digital era. By crafting software solutions tailored to align with distinct employee workflows and business processes, Thabiso ensures that each Taevo offering resonates with its client’s unique needs. His hands-on experience managing employee data and guiding training programs has deepened his insights into varying business landscapes. As Taevo carves its path, its unwavering commitment is clear: to deliver bespoke digital tools tailored precisely to the specific needs of each business.

Thembi Motlokoa

Mijiffy | Johannesburg, South Africa

Thembi Motlokoa is a young entrepreneur and co-founder of Mijiffy, a medicine delivery service for the Alexandra community. With a profound love for God and unwavering faith, she combines her spirituality with a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Her dedication to empowering women in business, coupled with her strong goal-oriented mindset, propels her forward on her entrepreneurial journey. While recognizing the challenges ahead, her faith and connection to her diverse community continue to inspire her pursuit of entrepreneurship.

Unathi Msenge

Unathi Msenge Attorneys Inc. | Johannesburg, South Africa

Unathi is an admitted attorney with a B.Tech degree in Human Resources Management from the NMU, a B.Tech degree in Labour Relations Management, a B.Tech degree in Business Administration, and an LLB degree from UNISA and is currently an LLM (Tax) candidate at UNISA. She has acquired extensive knowledge in several practice areas, contributing to her expanded experience. She is a dedicated, conscientious, agile, and well-rounded attorney who specializes in, among other things, all aspects of Commercial and Corporate Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Construction and Engineering Law, Dispute Resolution, Insurance Law, Tax Law, Trust Law, all aspects of Employment and Labour Law, appearing frequently in various dispute resolution tribunals and the South African Courts.

Unati Manyela

Wear Your Verse | Cape town, South Africa

Unati Manyela, affectionately known as ‘Magasela’ is a spoken word poet, writer, and founder of the Wear Your Verse, a platform for teaching and connecting young adults from different churches to opportunities in their local and global context. Unati completed her Biblical and Theology studies at the Bible Institute of South Africa and studied law at the University of South Africa. She is passionate about serving God and his people.