Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training (TLT) is pivotal in supporting young people in an era of increasing challenges and uncertainties. By offering both a supportive environment and access to resources tailored to daily challenges, TLT focuses on nurturing self-understanding and fostering servant-hearted leadership among youth. At the core of its mission lies a commitment to leadership development, spanning from self-leadership to a broader servant-hearted approach. TLT remains encouraged by the progress observed within the communities and schools it serves. Training tomorrow’s leaders is a responsibility they take seriously, requiring a dynamic approach. Its response encompasses multifaceted programs, including CAPS Life Orientation, Leadership Development, and Hot Topic Workshops.

Burt Ronald

founder & MD

Burt Ronald, Founder and Managing Director of Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training (TLT), leads South Africa’s innovative Life Orientation Curriculum and Youth Leadership Development program. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit cultivated from his upbringing in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Burt took a non-traditional path to education, opting for homeschooling and practical learning over university. Over the past 7 years, he has focused on TLT, addressing the growing pressure on young people by emphasising personal and social entrepreneurship skills. Drawing from his 5 years in the UK in recruitment and corporate training, Burt is a respected voice on youth development and social entrepreneurship.