Stellenbosch, South Africa

TerraClim provides data-driven solutions for a climate-resilient future. With its foundation built on over a decade of research and development, it offers unique integrated data resources to address the limited accessibility to climate and terrain information in agriculture and related sectors, particularly amidst increased seasonal variability. TerraClim empowers informed decision-making, optimising crop selection and land management for a sustainable agricultural future by leveraging a centralised climate database and advanced research capabilities. TerraClim strives to make a global impact by offering field and farm-level insights.

Tara Southey

founder & ceo

Tara Southey is the founder and CEO of TerraClim. Originally from the rugged landscapes of the Karoo, she pioneered climate change management tools for farms. With a passion for nature, wine typicity, and research, she spearheads efforts to enhance agricultural adaptability and sustainability amidst climate challenges, with a focus on regional relevance. As a postdoctoral researcher at Stellenbosch University and leader of the South African wine industry flagship project, Tara collaborates with stakeholders and data providers, leading a proficient team of programmers to develop and implement TerraClim tools tailored to industry needs.