Nono Capital

Johannesburg, South Africa

Nono Capital is an African private equity fund committed to purposeful progress and transformative change. Their approach goes beyond financial metrics. It is centred on shared values, social responsibility, and transformative change. Through innovation and strategic collaboration, they empower growth and enrich impact across diverse sectors. Nono Capital is a catalyst for purpose-driven progress, working with partners to build a brighter future of shared prosperity, innovation, and positive change.

Teboho Nthoana

founder & CEO

Teboho Nthoana is the founder and CEO of Nono Capital. He is a seasoned infrastructure C-suite executive, overseeing operations in Africa, the UK, and the USA. With a wealth of experience in turnaround management, infrastructure investment, and mergers & acquisitions, Teboho holds memberships in prestigious associations and serves on multiple public and private boards.