Cape Town, South Africa

Mygrow is on a mission to build a more emotionally intelligent world. Working predominantly with businesses, through a development technology Mygrow helps leaders grow their emotional intelligence (EQ). With higher EQ, leaders can manage themselves, and their interactions with others, more effectively. This improves leadership skills, colleague relationships, company culture, and all the downstream benefits that these changes unlock, such as staff retention, employee wellness, productivity,  and engagement. With Mygrow’s reporting tools, it is now possible to show the ROI of people development over time.

Mark Baker

co-founder & CEO

Mark Baker is the co-founder, CEO and lead psychologist of Mygrow. He is a psychologist specialising in emotional intelligence (EQ) through technology-driven development to create a more emotionally intelligent world. With 15 years of consulting experience, Mark teamed up with a filmmaker friend to build a tech solution for scaling EQ in organisations, which is currently utilised in 125 countries. Mark aims to establish an inclusive company based on kingdom principles while cherishing weekends with his wife and two boys, often found on the beach or exploring nature trails.

Theran Knighton-Fitt

co-founder & Chief Humanising (Creative) Officer

Theran Knighton-Fitt is the co-founder and Chief Humanising (Creative) Officer at Mygrow, where his multifaceted career journey has culminated. With a background spanning creative, academic, and leadership roles, he has spearheaded the development of Mygrow, The Emotional Intelligence Platform. Theran aspires to re-imagine capitalism through emotional intelligence.