Merand Recruitment

Somerset West, South Africa

Merand Recruitment offers quality recruitment services characterised by meticulous planning, clear communication, and a dedication to sourcing talent that resonates with their clients’ business goals and culture. Their recruitment process is designed to ensure clients have the right individuals with the requisite skills and capabilities to realise their future growth strategies. This is achieved through comprehensive job analyses to understand the skills, qualifications, and character traits needed for each position. Ultimately, Merand Recruitment finds purpose in connecting quality talent with great employers to unlock future synergies.

Lauren Cronje


Lauren Cronje is the CEO of Merand Recruitment. Her journey has been diverse: she holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, has worked for several corporate enterprises over six years (including Deloitte), supported her husband, Stefan, in his career, curated a book, started new ventures and helped to plant a church in Sandton, all while following her calling to disciple young women in their God-given identities. Amidst raising three energetic boys, Lauren assumed leadership of Merand Recruitment in 2024, founded by her single mother when she was only six. Lauren is passionate about aligning individuals with purpose to realise their calling. She is constantly looking for an opportunity to encourage others.