KVR Holdings

Johannesburg, South Africa

KVR Holdings is a dynamic and diverse group of companies specialising in training, consulting, and human capital solutions. With a comprehensive portfolio, KVR presents a comprehensive HR and training solution.
– KVR Training offers tailored vocational training programs.
– KVR Consulting offers strategic skills development and compliance consulting services
– HR Simplified offers bi-spoke,efficient HR solutions.
– SkillUp offers innovative VR Based skill development simulations.
Our commitment to excellence,innovation and  versatility makes us a trusted partner in achieving business objectives and enabling future readiness. 

Reinhardt Roets

co-founder & director

Reinhardt Roets is the co-founder of KVR Holdings, a venture dedicated to reshaping industries through training, consulting, and human capital solutions. Over the years, Reinhardt has gained valuable experience from various companies and embarked on several entrepreneurial ventures. This includes founding KVR Training in 2011, which is currently part of KVR Holdings, a group of companies that provides services in the training and skills development space. Reinhardt’s belief in the power of knowledge and skills transfer as transformative tools for individuals and societies has been a driving force behind KVR’s success. His mission is to extend training and consulting opportunities to all, promoting inclusivity and innovation for lasting impact.