Pretoria, South Africa

Keyloh is an online bulk meat supplier aiming to revolutionise the local South African meat industry. They are committed to making affordable food widely accessible and have gained acclaim for their global sourcing of bulk meat and distribution to businesses across South Africa. Keyloh has optimised the supply chain, providing consumers and small businesses direct access to producers through its upcoming user-friendly marketplace. While initially concentrating on meat products, Keyloh plans to diversify its offerings to include fresh produce, championing affordable and accessible nutrition for all.

Ivan Burger

founder & MD

Ivan Burger is the founder and MD of Keyloh, navigating the world of wholesale trading in the meat industry while developing a food marketplace platform to streamline the supply chain. He is a Chemical Engineer by trade with family ties in the meat industry who motivate him to refine sales and supply processes. With a heart for those in need, Ivan aspires to enhance food access, seeking impactful solutions guided by God’s vision.