Beverage Seal

Wellington, South Africa

Beverage Seal specialises in efficient packaging solutions for beverage delivery within the fast food sector. They are a kingdom-centric venture focusing on revolutionary innovations that ensure beverages are delivered in the same order you would find when buying directly from the outlet. Their two leading solutions are the Cool Hot Box and the Beverage Seal. The Cool Hot Box ensures that beverages arrive at their destinations at the optimum temperature (ice cold or steaming hot), while the Beverage Seal prevents beverages from spilling. Their products enhance the livelihoods of countless delivery drivers, reduce restaurant costs, eliminates plastic lids and elevate customer satisfaction.

Eugene Jensen

co-founder & marketing director

Eugene Jensen is the co-founder, marketing director and inventor of The Beverage Seal. His versatility is not just limited to his professional career as a musician, onstage performer, and actor; he is also a passionate baker and brewer. He navigates the joys of life with his wife, Odette, and their growing brood, with good humour and his faith guiding his way. Amidst it all, Eugene is a “connector extraordinaire”, effortlessly bringing people together over a cup of coffee.

Johann Peek

co-founder & CEO

Johann Peek is the co-founder and CEO of Beverage Seal. With a chemical engineering degree and an MBA, Johann has dominated the corporate scene for 23 years, turning chaos into order effortlessly. His true superpower lies in distilling clear strategic direction and fostering camaraderie. He is on a mission to change the world, one strategic plan at a time. But when Johann is not crunching numbers, he is enjoying his four teenagers with his wife, Jankie, in a teenage jungle.