Stellenbosch, South Africa

Established in 2023, aTutor is a South African-based online educational platform specialising in secondary education. Their mission is to provide affordable tutoring without compromising quality, attained by expanding their reach to serve more individuals. They employ full-time educators dedicated to imparting knowledge and nurturing students’ study skills and confidence. aTutor offers additional assistance to schools with a shortage of in-house educators, through online teaching, ensuring uninterrupted student learning. They aim to empower students academically while promoting accessible and sustainable education.

Tyron Kretzmann

co-founder & CEO

Tyron Kretzmann is the co-founder and CEO of aTutor. He is a visionary who believes in realising dreams through action. He is driven by a quest for knowledge and wisdom, recognising the force of ambition. Committed to his community and loved ones, Tyron strives for incremental improvement. With faith and support, he trusts in the divine path to success.