As a bearer of God’s image in a position of leadership, this season of facing a global crisis is part of our story. It’s what we’ve been called for and we should relish the opportunity to use our gifts in service of others. This was recorded at our Alumni Coaching Session in May 2020.


DATE: 6 MAY 2020


Wade Meyers is an American serial entrepreneur and venture capital investor. Wade is currently CEO of Capital Works, a digital investment bank that provides business owners with Growth Strategy, Access to Capital, and Exit Options. Wade invests in startups and small businesses through Eagle Venture Fund, a global venture capital fund he co-founded. He has been the chairman of a seed capital firm, venture partner for two venture capital firms, and board member of an $850m investment firm. Wade attended a small red brick country school in rural North Dakota with six classmates and graduated from high school at the nearby county school with 33 classmates. He started selling door-to-door as a boy and worked full time most of his high school and college years at many jobs and at-risk ventures to put himself through school. While serving as a full-time military officer, Wade graduated from Texas A&M University’s Central Texas campus with a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems with a perfect 4.00. After returning from fighting in the Gulf War, Wade considered an MBA to further prepare to be an entrepreneur, but he was so busy working that he did not have time to study for the GMAT. Consequently, he applied to the only MBA program that did not require a GMAT that year and was accepted by the Harvard Business School where he graduated as a Baker Scholar (a designation for the top 5% of the class of 918 students). Wade loves God and lives with his wife Andreanne and their 5 children in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, USA.